[NCAAF-FREE] Pitt at Virginia 2022 Live Broadcast Stream Free On TV at Nov.12.

November 12, 2022 - 5:21 PM

[NCAAF-FREE] Pitt at Virginia 2022 Live Broadcast Stream Free On TV at Nov.12.





Week 11 of the 2022 college football season comes strong with a full slate of games on Saturday, Nov. 12. There are four Top 25 clashes on taps as well as plenty of other significant matchups across the country that will impact conference races and the postseason picture with teams fighting for bowl eligibility.

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So if you're wondering "What college football games are on today?" know this: There are 54 involving FBS teams scheduled for today, Saturday, Nov. 12.

The fourth quarter is upon us. As the college football season enters the home stretch, the intensity on the field will ramp up with teams jockeying for conference titles, playoff berths and attractive bowl destinations.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that our top two candidates for game of the day will be occurring simultaneously, but that’s what your remote is for, right? There will be plenty of other contests worthy of attention throughout the rest of the day as well. At first glance none of them would appear to be in the early window, but then again we didn’t figure on Ohio State being in a struggle with Northwestern last week. So while surprises are always possible in this sport, here are the seven games we think will be the most watchable.

Here's a reminder, as if you needed one: College football is unpredictable. That makes this sport, however bass-ackwards it may be at times with the way it's operated, so much fun.

Right now, we're missing out on the fun. Week 1 of the 2015 season is still more than three full months away. It's times like these that we feed the itch by looking back at some of the best moments from the game.

Or, in this case, the games themselves. That's how this topic was born. Ranking all-time games is always a challenge, but we feel we have a healthy mixture of older and newer games, shootouts and defensive struggles, nail-biters, comebacks and improbable finishes. From regular-season games to national championships, everything was under consideration.

Here are, according to us, the best games in the history of college football—which will undoubtedly be universally agreed upon by everyone, right? Right.